Kevin Cooley


Refereed Articles

 “A Cycle, Not a Phase: Love Between Magical Girls and the Trauma of Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” in Mechademia 13.1, “Queer(ing),” October 2020. 

“Drawn to Reconcile: The Queer Reparative Journey of ElfQuest,” with Madeline Gangnes, in iNKS, the Journal of the Comics Studlies Society 4.1, May 2020

Pygmalion Punks: The Shared Stitches of Puppetry and the Sex Pistols,” in The Journal of Postmodern Culture 30.2, April 2020.

Past the End of the Catbus Line: Mushishi’s Apparitional Actants,” in Animation: an interdisciplinary journal 16, November 2019.

Picasso, Comics, and Cultural Divides: How Krazy Kat Is a Kubist Kat,” in Modernism/modernity 26.3, October 2019.

Haunted Objects, Networked Subjects: The Nightmarish Nostalgia of Creepypasta,” with Caleb Andrew Milligan, in Horror Studies, 9.1 October 2018.

Comics Publications

 Moxie Mutt and Caribou Krubb in, ‘Bungle in the Jungle,’ in “Queering the Production of Movement,” a special issue of Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies 9.1, April 2020. 

Refereed Book Chapters

“Drawing Queerness Forward: Fusion, Futurity, and Steven Universe,” opening chapter of Representation in Steven Universe, forthcoming Summer 2020 through Routledge.

Encyclopedia Entries

“LEGO,” an entry in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood Studies, through SAGE Publishing, forthcoming May 2020.

Book Reviews

The Moral Narratives of Hayao Miyazaki by Eric Reinders,” ImageTexT, Spring 2019.

“Conversations with Maurice Sendak,” The Lion and the Unicorn, Spring 2018. 

Articulating the Action Figure by Eric Reinders: Essays on the Toys and Their Messages,” ImageTexT, Summer 2018.

“Krazy! George Herriman, a Life in Black and White by Michael Tisserand,” Studies in Comics, September 2017.

General Publications

  “Queer Animation, the Motion of Illusion: A Primer for the Study of Queer Animated Images,” in Queering the Production of Movement,” a special issue of Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies 9.1, April 2020. Co-written with Jacqueline Ristola and Edmond “Edo” Ernest dit Alban.

“inFESTatation: AJJ,” a reflective piece in analyzing the FEST punk rock show in Gainesville, Fall 2016. 

 “Finding the Divine Between the Lines: Franciscan Iconism in Francis: Brother of the Universe,” in Franciscan Connections, Spring 2016.

“Illumination in Glass: An Interview with Stained Glass Artist Sr. Anne Therese Kelly,” Franciscan Connections Magazine, Spring 2016.

Creative Writing

“Blowing Games into Cartridges” and “The Neckbeard and the Librarian”  (poems) in Manawaker Studio’s poetry anthology, It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!, October 2015.

“Simone and Sartre,” poem  in The Impressment Gang Literary Magazine, February 2015.

“Yes, Yes—It Gives You Lemons,” poem in The DenimSkin Review #2, October 2014.

“The Effectiveness of Grappling Hooks,” short story, Parts I and II, in Words Paint Pictures Magazine, October 2014.


“Words With the Author: Kevin Cooley” about “The Effectiveness of Grappling Hooks” through Words Paint Pictures Magazine, October 2014.

“Mar,” poem  on the Barehead Arts and Culture Blog, March 2014.