Kevin Cooley

"bungle in the jungle," WITH Moxie mutt and caribou kruBB

"Bungle in the Jungle" is a felt-art comic (and obvious metacommentary on Warner Bros. chase cartoons) made in conjunction with "Bugs and Solly Say Hello," the first chapter of my current book project: Queer Beyond Here.  

For reasons that are never quite clear, Caribou Krubb is always chasing Moxie Mutt, who finds the pursuit exhilarating.  Though he is bashful about it, Caribou takes more joy in the pursuit of this strange anthropomorphized dog than  he is willing to admit. So, when a mysterious envoy from the government threatens to (actually) capture the rascal hound, our infatuated hunter is faced with a difficult choice...

Collaborations with john gourley

 I have been collaborating with Northern Irish, Madrid-based visual artist John Gourley since 2013. My short story, “The Effectiveness of Grappling Hooks” was published alongside his corresponding painting in Words Paint Pictures in 2014. Currently, Gourley is illustrating our picture book In the Red Elf Forest, an allegory meant to help children develop compassion for immigrant families and understand their plights, and working on oil-painted illustrations to my short story “Old Elephants in a Young American Forest.”

In the Red Elf Forest: A Glimpse Into the Process of a Work-In-Progress

In the Red Elf Forest, written by Kevin Cooley and illustrated by John Gourley, follows Nima and her family, who, "because the town would not have them," are forced to journey "deep, deep into the Red Elf Forest," where they must build a new life for themselves.  The work that goes into building this new life is hearty, but rewarding, and Nima is glad to have a place to live in safety with her family.  The forest, however, is not empty...and its other inhabitants are less than thrilled with the newcomers. With danger all around, Nima must learn what it means to persevere in the face of adversity.